2012-06-30 44 15

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Sat 30 Jun 2012 in 44,15:
44.2420946, 15.6615016

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In the mountains in the Zadar graticule, about 100 meters from the road.


  • Llavids (the whole family in the car)


We were driving down to Croatia and this one seemed possible to reach so we took some time to divert from the planned route.


It was not too far from the highway, but driving up the mountains with serpentine roads and only one lane made us a bit wary, but eventually we did reach the nearest place for the coordinates without meeting any other vehicle on the road. It was a very lonely road, even where there were houses, we didn't see anybody. I stepped out of the car, it was about 38 degrees centigrade outside and the rest of the family stayed back in the car. When I walked to get closer to the geohash, which would have been a virgin one, I saw a sign (luckily) before I tried to walk up the hill. Apparently this road through the mountains was guarded during the Balkan war and to keep everybody on the road they must have placed mines around the road through the mountains. I thought about the possibility to reach the geohash but decided it was to risky and foolish so I only took some photos and had to return to the car and continue our trip south instead. Unfortunately we learned that it was not only in the mountains but also in the plains there where mines, so geohashing in Croatia wasn't possible for us during this trip.



Llavids earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (44, 15) geohash on 2012-06-30.