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2012-06-19 53 6 impression.jpg

Fri 29 Jun 2012 in 53,6:
53.2226083, 6.6583566

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Meerstad, the Netherlands




Cycle there in the evening after work; eat a satsuma and some chocolate cookies; get Tron achievement if at all possible. Looks feasible on map.


Apparently I have a talent for not reaching geohashes. I hope I'll get rid of it soon.

I was wondering about the great amount of ground disturbance and big machines I could see on the google map. There turned out to be a good reason for this: the hash was in the middle of the area known as Meerstad (that would be Lake City in english). "Meerstad" is an area quite near my hometown of Groningen where the municipality develops a project with houses, lakes and new nature. I had never been there before and since it's so new and still in development it was not really on the google map yet. I have to admit, it was quite beautiful in the evening sun, and the earthworks and half-built houses lent it a somewhat surreal air. The trouble with Meerstad is that the idea of living on a flat, watery area in the middle of nowhere doesn't sound very appealing to a lot of people, so house sales are a constant disappointment. Also, mosquitoes.

However, the hash area had apparently been developed already and was now... in the middle of a lake (surprise, surprise!). That was a disappointment to me in its own right :). I got no closer than 100 m or so. I suppose I could have gotten a little nearer on the other side of the lake, but heaps of earth several metres high impeded my advancement. Warnings for quicksand were also issued so I didn't dare stray too far off the path. I think "My kingdom for a boat" is justified here!

There's something else I need to get off my chest here. What is the deal with Dutch rural areas and constant warning and forbidden things signs? Can anyone explain to me? The Netherlands does not appear a dangerous country to me. The land is extremely flat, so no mountain cliffs or ravines. We have no large dangerous predatoric animals (bears, wolves, crocodiles, nope). We do have a lot of water but almost everybody can swim, so that reduces the danger a lot. And yet everytime I go for a walk or a bit of cycling I meet several warning signs that rival each other in how ridiculous they are. I have never seen this in any other country. Theories in the discussion, please :). I've added a few pictures so that you can see what I mean.



elwingelfje earned the My kingdom for a boat consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (53, 6) geohash on 2012-06-29 by an impassable and unforeseen lake.
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