2012-06-29 50 -120

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20120629 50-120-8513.jpg

Fri 29 Jun 2012 in 50,-120:
50.1425171, -120.7250589

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just of the coquihalla north of Merrit



go by there on a long weekend trip to (lytton, Merrit, kamloops, pemberton, vancouvert)


The point was in a hayfield with pivot irrigation just north of Merrit along highway 5. We took highway 5A from Merrit because it was a lot easier and safer to stop there and walk up to the hash. Luckily the field was already cut and the hay was in bales so there was no problem in quickly walking into the field to find our location. There were some big hay bales precisely at the hash, but we could come within the accuracy of the gps without climbing on any of them.