2012-06-26 45 -122

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Tue 26 Jun 2012 in 45,-122:
45.5135347, -122.4486076

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Middle of a road in Gresham.

On Burnside, strangely enough between the corners of Burnside & SE 209th and Burnside & SE 209th. Thank god for chicken lanes.




Pretty tempting, sitting in the middle of a road in Gresham....


Tempting enough, kydlt drove by & stopped in the middle of the street, with Kate, AZ son & AZ grandson. It seems that I am still having editing problems. I just can't find my mistake, but enough for tonight.



Kydlt, Kate, Erin (AZ son) & J.P. (AZ grandson) were coming home from a long weekend of great out of town fun. So I said, "Oh look, we can have more fun. Geohash fun. I don't think that they were impressed. But no one had to get out of the car. I didn't have my good GPS with me, but on the drive Kate programmed the hash location onto the ipad app 'GPS HD' by Motion X. We stopped in the chicken lane for a few while AZ son took a good photo of the ipad and a bad picture of the street sign. One calculator showed the displayed co-ords as being 3 1/2 off, another as being 27 feet off. Pretty close for not getting out.


I had something earlier in the evening, then wandered by. (And drove through the hashpoint.) Didn't linger or loiter in the middle of the street. Too much traffic.




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