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Mon 25 Jun 2012 in 52,5:
52.0789842, 5.3021484

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In a forest near Austerlitz




Eupeodes planned to go for the hash after some appointments at the university.


Eupeodes left home in the morning and cycled to Rhenen with his folding bike, from there he took the train to Bunnik and continued cycling to Utrecht. After the appointments Eupeodes set of to the hash. He cycled past De Bilt and Zeist (where he also decided it was a good idea to get some water. While in the shop it started to rain and Eupeodes was thinking of giving up because the clouds were very dark. Luckily he decided to continue and it stayed dry. After some cycling he had to follow a track in a forest, this part had to be walked. At about 110 meters from the hash Eupeodes thought about giving up for the second time, this time because of the dense undergrowth. He decided to first walk around the part of the forest where the hash was and when he reached the other side the hash was only 70 meters away and the undergrowth was less dense. Eupeodes parked his bike and walked into the forest. While taking pictures at the site he heard some strange noises which frightened him. It sounded like some sort of animal, but what kind? Maybe velociraptors?

From the spot Eupeodes sent out a message:

  • Reached, but strange sounds here... -- Eupeodes 15:59, 25 June 2012 (CET)

So Eupeodes quickly got back to the bike and walked on despite knowing there is an award for getting attacked by raptors. He also announced his success on IRC where Murfie suggested a visit at the pyramid of Austerlitz. So Eupeodes went there as well, but found out that it is closed on mondays (except in july and august). So he continued. The next somewhat exciting event was the bike reaching 1000 kilometers. After that Eupeodes cycled some more, he was still trying to get a tron but then realized that in the hurry in the forest he crossed his own track so he abandoned his attempt for tron (also the track was very incomplete). Now he was in Woudenberg and he began to become tired and uncomfortable on the bike (he is not used to normal bikeseats since he rides most of the time on a recumbent bike). So in the end he took the bus back home.

Distance traveled[edit]

Foot: 2,3 km

Bike: 42,15 km

Bus: 33,6 km

Train: 35 km