2012-06-25 51 23

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Mon 25 Jun 2012 in Chełm, Poland:
51.0789842, 23.3021484

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Only 3 days after the last expedition, oh joy, I did not have to waste another month waiting for a cool geopoint! The weather was not so good once again, but it did not rain in the end (again!). The point was not too far away, but I disliked the idea of going there trough the main road (too much traffic, big trucks, no line for bicycles, bleh), so I decided to get there trough the fields and forests. The map I had was "a little" out of date, so there was a lot of getting lost, backtracking and checking promising looking paths in the forest just to get to the wrong turn. In short - it was great fun and took me much longer than expected, but the goal was reached - no main roads! Finally I emerged from the forests to the small town of Rejowiec (once famous in the region for a huge sugar plant, today only a shadow of its former glory and half - abandoned place with collapsed buildings and plants and trees taking over the place) and then to even smaller place of Rybie. The ponds were hidden in the forest, with dense grass and whatever it was, but somehow I found a small track (as seen on the picture) and made it to the water. And the view was really worth it - 4 or 5 small ponds all around me, ducks, some other water birds (yeah, I'm not much of an ornithologist) and of course - geopoint. On google maps it looked like it's on the ground, so I wisely decided not to use GPS and go for "no battery achievement" in order to make sure I don't have to swim :). And then I come back yet another road, using secondary country roads and reaching home with 45 km on my bike computer.