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Sun 24 Jun 2012 in 50,10:
50.3918425, 10.4812542

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On a paddock in Mönchshof near Römhild / Hildburghausen.



Weather wasn't worse than yesterday, so I tried to reach an other geohash by bike. I got to Mönchshof easily and rode a circle around it to find the best access to the hash spot. Found a field path passing in a distance of about 150 m. Could continue walking on a harvested field and finally in a currently unused field (several types of plants) and saw it would end with a decision of millimeters, whether I could reach the spot or it would be behind a fence on a paddock with horses. Of course, it turned out I didn't reach it by 16 meters. Again, I wasn't too much disappointed as the geohash's main task today was to tell me, where I could ride my bike.


16 m left.  
Those guys also didn't reach it as they were only on the neighbour paddock.  
Hash horse, carbon horse and the evil fence.