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2012-06-24 48 9

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Sun 24 Jun 2012 in 48,9:
48.3918425, 9.4812542

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[edit] Location

Münsingen, a piece of forest

[edit] Participants

Ekorren went there

[edit] Expedition

Note that this report has been written about two years after the expedition. Memory is a bit blurry at this time.

Obviously I used the summer sunday train network to cross the Schwäbische Alb mountains and get to Schelklingen. From there I went by bike through a rather narrow valley (might even call it a canyon), visited the Sontheimer Höhle (a dripstone cave... didn't make any photos down there, though), then continued through the former military training ground to Münsingen and visited the hash which was located somewhere in a forest. My way then led me down to Bad Urach and Metzingen, from where I went back home by train.

[edit] Gallery