2012-06-23 49 8

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Sat 23 Jun 2012 in 49,8:
49.4188367, 8.7861832

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Uphill on a forest trail in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen.



No expedition in almost four months must be some kind of personal record. I had been following the hashpoints during the last months, even when I was travelling, but no coordinate set was close enough. Until today's, which would even have been reachable by walking there. But due to a slight knee injury I decided to go there by train and walk the remaining 4 km from Heidelberg-Schlierbach. Which proved to be a wise decision, since the uphill part of the expedition turned out to be considerably longer and harder than planned.

My girlfriend decided to join me. Not only did I enjoy her company, she also owns a train ticket which allows me to travel with her for free on weekends. Yay!

It turned out that I am not used to carefully planning my expeditions any more. I just looked at the Google Maps marker, saw that it was less than 4 km from the train station and estimated the whole expedition to only last about 2 hours. I was horribly wrong. In the end, we walked more than 12 km, almost 7 km of which uphill, with many "shortcuts" through steep terrain. I wore hiking boots. My girlfriend didn't, because I promised we'd only be walking on trails. When we finally reached the hashpoint, we were already walking for 2 hours. I'm so sorry. But in the end, we both enjoyed the trip.