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Thu 21 Jun 2012 in 54,9:
54.3584853, 9.7894297

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On the bank of Kiel Canal ('Nord-Ostsee-Kanal', channel between North Sea and Baltic Sea) near Rendsburg/A7 in a copse.




Koryu: Going by car near the geohash driving along the bank and entering the copse from there.


Koryu: This was a very nice and relaxing trip. After driving as far as it was allowed and parking my car I went on a trail for pedestrians along the Kiel Canal.
Just after I passed a small path up to a raspberry farm I entered the copse and blazed a trail over fallen over trees and through muddy areas to the geohash. After reaching it, taking photos and leaving a piece of paper for other explorers, I decided to go up the small hill to explore the raspberry farm.
I discovered some things worth making a photo of and then headed back the path to the car.
See some photos I took on the way in the tracklog.

Tracklog with Photos[edit]

Tracklog on Everytrail