2012-06-16 38 -85

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Sat 16 Jun 2012 in 38,-85:
38.1083576, -85.2657730

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Behind a house in the country east of Louisville, in a corn field.




Google Maps gave the impression this was on someones property, so we planned to drive out and see how close we could get, requesting permission of the owners if necessary.


We found the house down a thin concrete road off the main road, but the hash point looked to be farther back down a gravel trail leading behind the house. The house itself looked pretty beat up, but there was patio furniture and flowers on the porch and a few dogs (they looked like beagles) in a set of kennels behind it so it had to be occupied. There hadn't been any private property signs so we considered driving on back, but figured it was safer to see if anyone answered the door. Unfortunately (fortunately?) No one did, but we could hear MANY more smaller dogs inside. After that we drove back anyway, since there were no fences or signs to stop us. Down the gravel trail we crossed one of those concrete things that keep cows in their fields and found a very creepy abandoned house, made extra creepy by a lone chair in the second story window. Behind that was an old barn and corn, corn, corn. I walked along the edge of the crops till I got as close as I was going to, where we got our pics and headed back out.


I had originally found an alternate way onto the land should the regular entrance have failed us, so we went over and drove through that area just to see what it looked like. There was some very pretty forest but the road was eventually a dead end. On the way out we were beset by two local dogs that would attack the wheels whenever I would try to leave but it's okay because they were cute. Then we went back into the city and got burgers.



Centimani earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (38, -85) geohash on 2012-06-16.
2012-06-16 38 -85 Us.JPG