2012-06-11 38 -121

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Mon 11 Jun 2012 in 38,-121:
38.6293200, -121.7595563

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A random field southeast of Highway 113 at Road 25, just south of Woodland, CA.



It's finals week, I only have 3 days left as a freshman. I found out about geohashing just two months back, but I haven't completed a successful expedition. I want to do one before the academic year ends. However, there's the problem that, well, it's finals week.

I check the coordinate calculator when I wake up, and the hash is 9.6 miles away. I justify this, saying that it's less than 10 miles away, so I can do this reasonably fast.

I decide to leave at 5 PM, as I'm biking and I want it to cool down. It's still hot as heck though. I take Anderson Road north, left on Alvarado, right on Sycamore, then take it as it continues on as CR 100A. Then I turn left on CR 29, right on CR 99 (aka Lake Blvd in Davis and West Street in Woodland), then right on CR 25. I take Road 25 across 113, then take a right on CR 100A. Road 100A goes for about half a mile, then turns into a gravel path. There I had to turn off onto a field of some nice looking flowers and bees.

When I first tried to find it, I completely overshot where I was supposed to turn. So much for the Tron achievement.

To get to the hash location, I had to cross a muddy irrigation ditch thing. Then, I had to walk through the aforementioned field. The ground there was very soft, but I needed to get to that hash.

After reaching within 4.5m of the hash (my GPS accuracy), I decided to go to Woodland to get a carbonated frozen beverage (I know I did this in the wrong order but whatever). It was my first time in Sonic, and I realized that you had to use the drive-thru things even if you walked up. Weird...

Then it got late, so I took the Yolobus 42B back to Davis.

The flowers are: [1] -- NWoodruff 13:22, 12 June 2012

My informant says they are actually Lupine of some variety, not Baby Blue Eyes. -- JesseW 12:13, 17 June 2012 (EDT)