2012-06-10 52 4

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Sun 10 Jun 2012 in 52,4:
52.0537277, 4.7302875

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[edit] Plans

Looks pretty reachable, but you never know. I'll try to step by somewhere in the afternoon.

[edit] Expedition

To get there, it was a car trip of less than an hour and a few minutes walk. Not very interesting.

I had decided to just enter a random street in Reeuwijk in my car navigation and park somewhere I felt appropiate. When I stepped out of the car and fired up my GPS, it turned out I was less than 500m from the geohash. It was located on a bike road through a small park with a lot of trees and water, near a camping called 'Reeuwijkse Hout'.

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[edit] Achievements

Murfie earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 4) geohash on 2012-06-10.