2012-06-09 60 9

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Sat 9 Jun 2012 in 60,9:
60.2504609, 9.4625358

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Norefjell, Norway

Today's battleship location is: E 3



It was a nice hike up the hills of Norefjell, with the geohash not far from the trail.


A test sign testing your test-readiness. There will be cake. 
Lyx appreciating the clear rivers of Norway 
Lyx sampling the clear rivers of Norway 
Lyx sampling further samples. 
It's caturday, so samples have to be acquired in a cattish manner. 
We also built a cat. 
It may all be the same stream, or several, we don't know. 
There was wonderful, chilly snøy! 
It helped us to cool down on this hot summer day. 
There were also rivers... 
...extending towards the horizon, in two directions at once. 
Coordinates reached! @60.2505,9.4626