2012-06-07 54 8

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Thu 7 Jun 2012 in 54,8:
54.4590984, 8.8238611

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In the tideland near Nordstrand, around 400m from the shore.



I think it's awesome to be able to reach a geohash during ebb that is in the water during flood, so I will try to get this one. I want to start around 18:00 in Kaltenkirchen by car, so I should be there around 20:00. According to the tides forecast the ebb will be at 23:05, so I hope the tideland will be safe to walk when I arrive or shortly after.
Oh no, I can't go. That's too bad. The weather even cleared up a bit... have to wait for the next tideland-geohash. --Koryu 07:58, 7 June 2012 (EDT)


Unfortunately I had something else to do, so I could not attempt that geohash, but I will try to reach the next fitting one.