2012-06-06 42 -88

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Wed 6 Jun 2012 in 42,-88:
42.9283575, -88.1117727

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Just outside a parking lot for a (currently) unknown business across from a Super Walmart. It's also right near The Gingerbread House which is a coffee and wine bar. If it's in line of sight, I'll officially earn my Pub Geohash in body not just spirit.




I'll call The Wyf at lunch and see if she's interested in going with to explore The Gingerbread House and if so I'll pick her up and go from there. In which case, we should get there around 7pm.

Otherwise, I'll stop on my way home. In which case I should be there around 6pm.


Hezekiah plans to make the trip down after a late dinner, probably arriving around 9.



I stayed at work a bit later than was anticipated, so my plan to get home and grab The Wyf for a visit to the Gingerbread House was out. Sadly I was most of the way there before I remembered to start my GPS tracker. Again.

Instead I drove to the hashpoint which was right outside an Ace Hardware superstore and wandered around the field which was sloped up from the parking lot until I was confident I had walked through it. I took a few pictures even with the sun stabbing me in the eyes and off I went.

After that it was a quick stop at the grocery story for stir-fry ingredients and then home to a pleasant dinner with wine on the patio.


I had to work until 8, meaning I got home around 8:15. Ate some dinner and gathered what little gear I needed, and was on my way. Arrived close to 9:00 PM, headed into the field. Unfortunately, saw no evidence of RocketMac's earlier visit. Did spot a plastic bag (which I filled with other garbage), and left a rock upright, in case anybody else arrived later.


RocketMac's tracklog is available in GPX and KMZ formats.



RocketMac earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -88) geohash on 2012-06-06.
Hezekiah earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -88) geohash on 2012-06-06.