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Sun 3 Jun 2012 in 52,4:
52.1220486, 4.6763580

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Alphen aan den Rijn - East




No plan. Just a quick visit during daytime whenever I feel like it. This one can't be that hard.


First drawback was that the destination road was not available in my car navigation. So I entered a nearby road in my navigator and drove there. The geohash was shown to be located on a parking lot near a large sporting area.

About 800m from the destination, the second unexpected event came up. I encountered a sign, telling the road was closed. This was because there was some kind of run for charity going on.

There were two options now: Go back and chose another road, or park and walk the rest.

I chose the latter. During this walk I crossed some kind of familily event on a large grass field, which was probably around the finish line of the run.

The walk to the geohash was a very nice one. There's a beautiful quiet park around the sporting facilities and although the clouds looked if it was going to rain any time, I kept it dry during the whole walk.

Hardly had I visited the final spot, or a girl came walking to the same spot from the opposite direction. I thought she was geohashing too and that this was a highly unlikely coincidence. However, she was just looking for the finish line of the running event, where she was to meet a friend. I was the only one around at that moment, so she walked up to me to ask where to go. I was a bit disappointed and not familiar in the area, and although I expected it was at the field I crossed earlier, I told her frankly she'd better ask somebody else.

Concluding, this was a good trip for a cloudy Sunday afternoon and the geohash was very doable.




Murfie earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 4) geohash on 2012-06-03.
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