2012-06-02 52 -121

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Sat 2 Jun 2012 in 52,-121:
52.4302218, -121.9486278

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Pretty much exactly on our way from where the mountains and bad clouds ended to where we had to be next. That happened to put it near Inez Lake, not that we knew that at the time.



As documented in our previous expedition that day, our plans were just to get to Kamloops without flying into clouds, mountains or cloud-covered mountains, and to look for geohashes along the way.


Spencer set up the line again and this time the line wasn't hundreds of kilometres long, so it worked the way it was supposed to, and took the photo automatically. I don't have any GPS set-up pictures and the photo isn't geotagged because it was just a thumbnail, but I think my main problem for any sceptics would not be in persuading you that the photo indeed represents the correct location, but that I didn't just cut and paste it from Google Maps. Ours doesn't have the copyright embedded on it, and the picture I have uploaded is actually just the thumbnail of the image we took.


Possibly available.


Compare and contrast with Google Maps: https://maps.google.com/?q=loc:52.430221839440186,-121.9486277887082&ll=52.431878,-121.948907&spn=0.006725,0.017424&t=h&z=16

Ours has better colour.


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