2012-06-01 -36 146

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Fri 1 Jun 2012 in -36,146:
-36.5011179, 146.1230844

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The Location[edit]

In a paddock near Glenrowan

Who Went[edit]


Expedition (Felix's account)[edit]

Apparently, these guys both jumped over the fence to get this hash while driving up to Mt Feathertop, but Stevage got shitscared by some livestock and ran away, with tAlex getting shitscared over Stevage's running away, and so both failed the hash.

Expedition (Stevage's account)[edit]

tAlex, I, and respective partners were driving up to Mt Feathertop. Running low on petrol, we pulled off the highway into Benalla - but no joy. Sneakily, I pretended to miss the entrance back onto the highway. Alex gave the game away by saying "oh, are you going for the geohash?"

We hopped over a barbed wire fence, grumbling about how easy this was going to be: a quick stroll over a flat paddock. Although it was cold. And dark. Another barbed wire fence or two, and we started to notice bovine company. Discovering a latent case of morbid bovinophobia, I began backing away, trying to find a way around the cows.

One cow followed. It was dark, but I'm pretty sure it weighed around 6 tonnes and had enormous flame-shooting horns.

I tried to get a photo, but, being vampire cows, they don't turn up on the photos.

The next thing I knew, we were back in the car.