2012-05-30 45 -121

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Thu 31 May 2012 in 45,-121:
45.9326205, -121.0681883

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The wilds of Skamania Co.



Flew in from KY to PDX early and passed over a hash (Baker City, OR) on the way, and that got me ready to go.


Short slow drive then a uphill hike.

The hash was just off a road according Google, but up here that doesn't mean much. Driving slow in the old Honda I got to within 3/4 mile (line of sight)of the spot, but it was a mile and 3/4 each way to walk. Solo and with no cell or 2 meter coverage I elected to walk the road rather than x-country it. Also that avoided the deep gorge. A very pleasant walk with nice creek noise and no other people around.