2012-05-28 54 -3

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Mon 28 May 2012 in 54,-3:
54.5469418, -3.2840991

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In the awesomely named "Wilderness Wood" near Crummock Water, Cumbria



Having, despite large amounts of procrastination RunawayBomber and Matingslinkys managed to pass our assessed presentations, and to celebrate went a-hashing. The hash was a ways out of our way, but it was a really sunny day, so it was time to delve into the depths of the Lake District...


Having had a stressful day of presenting at uni in Lancaster we felt it was high time we had some calming time in the sunshine, without the guilt of procrastination hanging over our heads. Although the hash wasn't exactly on the way home, we made the executive decision of "sod it" and set off.

Google navigation had an interesting theory on how best to get to Crummock Water, which involved narrow and precipitous roads, and repeated gates that had to be opened and shut behind us as we drove through, but it was a beautiful day, and the views were magnificent, so we pottered on, relying on the almighty Google to get us where we needed to go and did our best not to run over any sheep.

It was such a nice day, that although the hash was only a couple of hundred feet from the car we decided to park at a car park a mile or so away, just to have an excuse to walk in the sun for a while. We ambled down the road, the sun beat down and families played on the beaches of the lake. It really couldn't have been a more pleasant afternoon. We even saw a sign in badly spelt yokel, proving that we were deep in rural Cumbria.

We reached Wilderness Wood after a while, and set about the business of finding the hash itself. A combination of trees seeming to confuse the GPS and shin deep sphagnum moss made things a bit tricky, but as it was so hot the damp feet was quite refreshing, and we didn't really mind crossing back and forth through the cool glades. After gently evicting the hash's previous occupant (on a related note, we may have found the worlds first geohashing sheep) we took a few pictures and headed back to the car.

It being that kind of evening, we stopped at the lakeside for a barbecue on the way back home, and this detour proved most fortuitous, because the most wonderful thing (at least to Matingslinkys' childish mind anyway) happened to the car odometer, just a mile or so from home...

All in all, a splendid hash.