2012-05-26 -37 144

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Sat 26 May 2012 in -37,144:
-37.8302435, 144.9436386

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Within an industrial shipping container yard, Port Melbourne.

Who went[edit]


Felix Dance[edit]

Seeing this hash next to my old stomping ground in Port Melbourne, and knowing that I'd be passing right through that area on my bike later that day, heading between a coming-home/going-away party at the Belgium Beer Garden on St Kilda Rd and a Big Kids night at Science Works in spotswood, I realised that this hash was way too good to miss.

Riding to the BBG through the drenching, freezing, Melbourne rain, I prepared myself for some hashing. Through Albert Park and past my old sharehouse I was suspicious of my chances of success due to wall seen on Google Maps, seemingly preventing access to the hash. But, as it turned out, this wooden fence was easily scalable, which I achieved right outside the Channel 10 News Crew filming some prostitutes/street gangs or whatever they were doing. I left my bike flashing and unlocked while I jumped into what turned out to be an old shipping container yard and red-brick industrial building estate - the Channel 10 News Crew would watch over it.

Taking some hasty photos as my GPS counted down to zero, and admiring a plastic chair wedged between the containers and the brick building at the hash, I jumped back over the fence to my bike, still there, and off to Science works across the Yarra, rain be damned!

Here is the Google Maps route I took.

Hash reached: 6:40pm Total distance: 30.5kms.