2012-05-25 45 -122

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2012-05-25 45 -122 hash-area4.jpg

Fri 25 May 2012 in 45,-122:
45.4727714, -122.8095253

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In front of a house in a quiet neighborhood near Allen and Murray in Beaverton.



Go by after my morning meeting


Expedition 1[edit]

I seem to have made it to the spot, but I'm a tad unsure about the exact location.

It looked like it would be in the house in question, but my GPS found it in the street in front. I took some photos and headed for lunch.

Expedition 2[edit]

Having got home after busy days, we 5000s were indecisive about what to do with ourselves until we checked the hashpoints. Off we headed to residential Beaverton, through a rare Oregon lightning storm. Pictures at the hashpoint, then pizza, then a visit to Ma and Pa5000, and by then the question of what to do with our evening was all taken care of.



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