2012-05-21 50 -119

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Mon 21 May 2012 in 50,-119:
50.4795496, -119.6426083

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[edit] Location

Agricultural land, off the highway, near Falkland.

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[edit] Plans

I had not attempted an expedition since last year, but I figured Geohashing Day was a good day to start again. There was fence lining the highway, and a dirt road leading most of the way there. I was 90% sure it would be gated and/or have deterring signs, and if there wasn't, it would be super easy.

[edit] Expedition

Falkland had a busy, festive atmosphere hosting the 94th annual Falkland Stampede. I slowly made my way through and a few minutes later pulled off the highway. I found an open gate with no signs, perhaps a first! A section of the road had a stream running through, but I forded my way, ignoring the hint that water was not where it should be. Around the next corner I could see a large puddle.. no a pond.. actually the entire field was flooded. The ducks were enjoying it, and I considered how I could use one as a proxy, but eventually resigned and went home.

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[edit] Achievements

Juventas earned the 2012 Geohashing Day achievement
by admiring the ducks in the (50, -119) graticule on May 21st 2012.
2012-05-21 flooded.jpg