2012-05-20 51 23

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Sun 20 May 2012 in Chełm, Poland:
51.3144146, 23.2732569

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After few weeks of daily cycling, I felt comfortable enough to go on a longer trip. So when the hashpoint appeared some 20+ km from my home and the weather was very warm and sunny (with a forecast for an evening thunderstorm, but who cares about those small details anyway), I decided to go for it! And so I went :). As it turned out, my total distance that day was 57 km, way more than my previous record (39 km in one day), I had to climb few hills on the way (my map lied to me about it being a flatland!), suffer from a constant sun, high humidity and unbelievably amount of various bugs attacking me (as it's usual before storms I guess), in short - I had a great time :). I was cycling in the region I never cycled (or visited in any other form of transportation to be true) before, so it was extra fun to discover new sights and smells (altough those are not always fun in the countryside). Few kilometres before the destination good roads (and I use this term loosely, it's Eastern Poland after all) ended and I had to cycle on the worst road I have ever seen. It was awesome experience. The destination - the village of Wólka Tarnowska was an even better surprise - it looked like from hundred years ago - like in the heritage park - the old cottages, stork in the nest and a crossroad cross/altar with flowers and candles. It was worth all the pain of geting there. All in all I had a great day (and almost died of extreme fatigue on the way back, but once again, it's an unimportant detail) and I think in a few weeks I will be able to look at my bike again :).