2012-05-18 47 -2

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Fri 18 May 2012 in 47,-2:
47.8117542, -2.7011442

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The hash happened to be in a field, barely a mile and a half from the road I take back from work.


User:Karhell. No time for planning, so I went alone.


All planning was done pretty fast. Once the location confirmed as being almost on my path, I decided 'twas a good opportunity to start Geohashing. All route planning was done in 10 minutes with google maps and Street view.


As previously noted, I decided to go for it pretty much on a whim. I spent a few minutes ensuring my destination with the help of Google StreetView (since my GPS has a battery with an average life expectancy of 30 seconds when unplugged, I decided I'd go for a No_Batteries_Geohash). After work, I drove to the nearest spot where I could park, and walked the last 50 odd meters to what I reckoned to be the right spot. The major difficulty was getting proper photos with my laptop's webcam (and the ambient/screen light ratio was somewhat eye-blistering...).

Anyhow, I got there, took a couple of pictures, and left before anyone noticed me, happy to have gone on my first adventure in a very long time (however small the adventure turned out to be, the spirit was there, and I'll definitely be attempting more as soon as possible).


No photos until I figure out how to add them... shame on me... they had a bad quality anyway >.>


Quite hard to see on the photos I haven't added yet, but I got there. This can wait till then. Nevertheless, these are pending : Land geohash, Virgin graticule, No batteries geohash