2012-05-13 41 -71

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2012 05 13 41 -71 kids sign.jpg

Sun 13 May 2012 in 41,-71:
41.8654550, -71.2888676

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Near the driveway of an industrial (or agricultural?) facility in Rehoboth, MA.


Sara with her daughter and son


We had to take Daughter to a gymnastics meet today at a location which turned out to be only about 15km from the hashpoint, so we planned to drive over to the hashpoint after the gymnastics meet. It would have been great to add another graticule to our list. Google Maps showed a big interesting-looking building near the hashpoint.


I have missed geohashing. I haven't been able to fit it into my schedule because I seem to have spent most of the past year and a half driving my children to and from sports events. Today's sports event was a gymnastics meet for Daughter ridiculously far from our home, but luckily very close to today's Providence hashpoint.

Interestingly, although we live in Massachusetts and the meet was in Massachusetts, the best way to get there was to go through Rhode Island.

The hashpoint was only about 15 km away from the gymnastics meet. On the way there, we drove through the town of Seekonk, and the kids thought "Seekonk" was one of the funniest names they had ever heard. (Wikipedia says Seekonk means "wild goose" or "mouth of stream" in Narragansett or Wampanoag.)

The hashpoint was very near the driveway of some big industrial-looking building. The driveway was marked "No Trespassing" and the hashpoint was so close to the driveway that it would very clearly not have been possible to get to the hashpoint from the other side without going into the "No Trespassing" zone. I wish the driveway had had a sign indicating the purpose of the big building.

The GPS showed that the intersection of the driveway and the road was 115 m from the hashpoint. We took a few pictures and left.

One of the things we like to do when we geohash is eat ice cream, so before going home we stopped and had a milkshake called an "Awful Awful" which is apparently a Rhode Island specialty.