2012-05-13 33 -84

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Sun 13 May 2012 in Atlanta:
33.8654550, -84.2888676

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On the off ramp to Shallowford road from I-85 in Chamble.



This is my 365th Geohash. I now have one complete year of Geohashing. Is there an award for that?

It was an easy drive. I live only about a mile from the Interstate. The entire drive was a little over 8 miles. It has been raining all day today and I was waiting for a good time to drive out. Around 6pm the rain started to slow so I thought it was a good time to leave out.

I parked in the lot of a laundromat and hopped out of my truck. It was a 90 feet walk to the manhole. I took a few pictures and celebrated making one complete year of Geohashes.

I then returned to Norcross the same way that I got there.