2012-05-13 -37 145

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Sun 13 May 2012 in -37,145:
-37.8654550, 145.2888676

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Just inside a property in Boronia, Melbourne.

Who went[edit]


Felix Dance[edit]

A massive eastern suburbs bicycle outing today. Abandoning my plans to visit various grandmothers for this alleged Mothers' Day, I ventured eastwards towards the far more concrete concept of today's geohash. Along the way, leaving my rain-sodden house with my fancy road bike along Queensbury St (scene of the excellent Jens Lekman song An Argument With Myself), I stopped off at a mate's flat in Abbotsford to drop off a water carafe I'd accidentally stolen from his housewarming several weeks previously (or, actually, a replacement as my previous attempt to return it resulted in smashing it on his front step while climbing over his fence).

The next stop was my good friends, Mitch and Deon, also in Abbotsford, who had my drink bottle and I was really thirsty. It was really bucketing down at this stage so I welcomed the brief respite.

Further east, I dropped into the leafy Balwyn suburb of Balwyn to see my German friend Christoph, whom I met whilst cycle touring through India, and we and his French/German backpacking couple homestayers all enjoyed a steak and beer while discussing the art of backpacking.

After a couple more hours' ride in drier climes I reached Boronia for the geohash itself. The hash-point was actually about three metres inside the front doorway, and I got to that doorway - I tried knocking but everyone must have been at Mothers' Day events (I don't know what I would have said to gain entry anyway). I took some photos of the area, but I left not really sure whether or not I'd actually got there. What was worse was that I'd left my GPS in Inverloch, so I couldn't claim the inaccuracy of the GPS for my imperfect location reaching. Well, I'll call it a success anyway, since it's well within the GPS' precision range...

On my return, I zoomed like the tail-wind up Dorset Rd to buy a pair of 1970s rotary phones from Bayswater, which were acquired through eBay from an unlocked and unplated beaten up Mazda wagon. From there I reached Blackburn for my girlfriend Sashazeg's mother's Mothers' Day dinner. Quite a trip for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

Here is the Google Maps route I took.

Hash reached: 3:50pm Total distance: 55kms.