2012-05-12 48 2

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Sat 12 May 2012 in 48,2:
48.9260412, 2.3618228

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A hundred meters north-east of the Stade de France, the national stadium that notably saw France win the 1998 Football World Cup. The hash is exactly on the stadium fence, a couple meters down its corner - on the edge of the ticket-restricted area!


Dunaril and Katu. It's the first expedition for the two of us :)


I have been looking at Paris graticule geohashes for some weeks now, but I missed this amazing location at first because the next day's geohash was inside Paris, which seems to happen extremely rarely. Thus we discovered the location and decided for the expedition only around noon this day. We were going to the close city of Saint-Ouen for a little theater piece, so it seemed logical to push a bit further and reach our first geohash ever!


Taking the 13th metro line, we arrived around 3pm near the Stade de France, and found ourselves in a large crowd closing on the stadium. A concert of Metallica was programmed at 7pm, but the stadium neighborhood was already full with metal fans enjoying the improvised buvettes. The hash was very easy to locate with Google Maps, so we closed on it quite fast and waited for 4pm, drinking a beer and enjoying the surrounding music and atmosphere while waiting for potential geohashers. At 4:10pm nobody had showed up, and the wiki didn't show signs of other planned expeditions, so we walked a bit around the stadium and finally left by the RER B.

A fine day and a crazy location for our first geohash adventure, one day earlier than expected!



Dunaril & Katu earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 2) geohash on 2012-05-12.
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