2012-05-12 40 -105

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Sat 12 May 2012 in 40,-105:
40.9260412, -105.3618228

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Part of the way up some bluffs by a creek, about 2 miles south-southwest of Virginia Dale, CO




According to the county parcel locator, the hash point is on "state school land," and my paper atlas shows the area as public state land, so in theory, the point should be accessible. However, it looks like the dirt track that heads toward the point crosses some private property, so it may take a little creative maneuvering to get there. I'm planning to head to the spot later this afternoon, aiming to drive as close to the point as I can (without passing any no trespassing signs) and walking the rest of the way from there. It's also hard to tell exactly how substantial this creek is from the aerial images, so that may pose another obstacle. I have some shopping to do, so I might not make it by 4:00 PM, but I'll try to get there in the 4:00-6:00 PM time frame at least.


Sadly, I was foiled by a locked gate with a no trespassing sign on it. In fact, the sign not only forbade trespassing, but warned that violators would be prosecuted, and since I had no desire to be prosecuted, I turned back at that point. Mind you, I had considered the possibility of encountering private property and had formulated a bit of a plan to get around it, but this no trespassing zone was well before I ever got to the area that I had been concerned about, so I was unable to proceed. The closest I got to the hash point was about 1.75 km/1.09 mi away, so I'll have to settle for a no trespassing ribbon.



Squenes earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (40, -105) geohash on 2012-05-12.
2012-05-12 40 -105 pout.JPG