2012-05-11 32 -117

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Fri 11 May 2012 in 32,-117:
32.9321900, -117.2214649

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Erosive Landforms in the Microcosm


The hashpoint is on a utility corridor (gas pipeline, petroleum pipeline, electrical powerlines, and possibly more all going the same way) on the side of a bluff just south of State Route 56 at Carmel Creek Road.




A car was employed to transport the hasher from his house in Poway to an apartment complex at the southern terminus of Carmel Creek Road in San Diego, near the juncture of Carmel Valley and Sorrento Valley. Upon reaching the complex, the hasher disembarked and proceeded up a steep, narrow trail up the bluffs. Upon reaching the top of the bluff, some time was taken to record the geological and biological features of the bluff, including some rather spectacular erosive landforms. The hasher then proceeded to the hashpoint, located on a slope inclined about 60° from the horizontal, recorded the location with screenshots of the Geohash Droid app on his smartphone, and left.