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Wed 9 May 2012 in Kaunas:
54.9293238, 23.9731768

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In Kaunas, near a gas station.



It was quite spontaneous.


Living in an inactive graticule for this long - this had to be 'fixed'. Checked the today's location on an online map - "heck, this is quite close, I have to do this today!". I do not expect anyone else to go on geohashing here. So I assume I am the only one. I suppose, not a good thing to do, to assume that, though.

Took a backpack with two bottles of water, some cookies, and also, one special item; Put on my trusty boots; And went away! On foot.

Decided it would be fun to run the whole distance, so I did just that. Except when I stopped to take photos and or/have a drink. Finally I was almost at the geohashing location, but noticed it was on a restricted area. "Bummer..." - I thought to myself, and went to look for a place nearby, to rest my legs.

I sat down on the grass, by a bush, took a drink, and rested a little. After catching my breath, I manned up, went there anyway and took a photo. Nobody seemed to have noticed and/or cared.

I returned to the place I sat previously. Ate my cookies and finished my remaining water. Then, I took out the "Special Item". It was a book - 'The C Programming Language'. I could say - 'obligatory nerdiness'. After ten minutes of reading, I took note on early warnings of my bladder, and decided to set out. Unlike I did when going to the place - ran, I walked when going back. Due to some findings of that run, I altered the course a little. I safely reached my home in the end.

Started the expedition on 12:03 EEST / 09:03 UTC; Reached the destination on 12:50 EEST / 09:50 UTC; Came back home at 14:25 EEST / 11:25 UTC;

The Failure[edit]

Now, I should note: I do not own a stand-alone GPS device, and the GPS in my cellphone is a complete mess - refuses to work when it has no access to the internet. Internet connection on my phone is quite expensive. Thus, I keep it off at all times. And even when it can connect, it never managed to work before in the first place - always kept on searching for the satellites, and failing. So, I had to rely on my memory, and try to remember the exact location.

When I sat down to document my expedition, I checked the map again. Then, I realized - "CURSES!!! I went to the wrong spot! I remembered it incorrectly and went to a wrong point which was 100 meters away from the right one! NOOOOOOO!!!!"

The closest I was to the 'right' point was ~30 meters away. I assume that does not count as 'reaching'. The location I reached was this (google maps), the closest I was to the 'right' location was here (google maps). Oh well, maybe next time...