2012-05-08 -29 30

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Tue 8 May 2012 in -29,30:
-29.5378447, 30.0568143

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In a tree plantation owned by Mondi Paper, 15km down a dirt road

The Plan[edit]

I was in the area for my grandmother's memorial, my normal reticule is Vancouver, BC, and having a free day, I decided to go on an adventure.

The Adventure[edit]

This was nearly a disaster due to my Garmin failing. I had to fall back to my Android phone. More details and photos to follow.

I showed some family members where I wanted to go on Google Maps, and they handed me a tourist map for arts and crafts in the region, and noted that my destination lay down a dirt road I'd seen the day before, but I might get stuck at a locked gate they had seen in previous travels.

After some other stops to buy things I was looking for, and picking up a picnic lunch, I set off on my quest. Down the dirt road, ~16km off the last tarred road.

I found the gate that was mentioned, unlocked for the day it seemed, and continued onwards. I met another car coming the other direction, who inquired of me if I was lost, and noted that the land was a Mondi (paper company) tree plantation. She wished me well, and I continued.

Just around the next bend, my Garmin decided to quit entirely, and I couldn't get it to power back up. I'd written down the coordinates as well, so I pulled out my Android phone and continued onwards. By the time it got lock (~15 mins due to trees), I found I'd taken a wrong turn and headed away from the target.

I backtracked some, to make a different turn, and a much smaller dirt track. Proceeding slowly I found myself within 100m of the graticule, and decided to park at a spot where the dirt track was wider, in case somebody else needed to get past.

Some walking around found the actual exact spot to be off in dense thornbrush (one of the forests in the Google Maps of the day appeared to have been logged in the previous year, and thornbrush had taken over instead), so I decided to just take photos of the area, before going back to the car for my lunch.


Photos to follow.


robbat2 earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (-29, 30) graticule, here, on 2012-05-08.
robbat2 earned the Picnic achievement
by eating fresh local bread, local cheese, local biltong, local farm butter at the (-29, 30) geohash on 2012-05-08.