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Sat 5 May 2012 in 55,12:
55.9300117, 12.7941584

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Field north of Landskrona, Sweden. The area is called Glumslöv Hills. It's a very beautiful, scenic, hilly area right next to the sea.



The plan was to go birding as usual. Had found out about geohashing just the day before. Downloaded an app and much to my surprise I saw that this days hash was not only reachable, but just a couple of kilometers north of where I already was planning to go. So I decided to try for it.


Went there by bike. Walked the last couple of kilometers. The area is known to me since before, but I had never gone to this particular point.

Reached the coordinates without problem. The geohash didn't have a nice view of the ocean, as do most places in this area, but it felt great to reach it. Especially since its only my second day geohashing. Also, most of my graticule is water, and most of the landpart of it is in another country (Denmark). Therefore I will probably have to wait a while for a reachable geohash again. I consider myself very lucky.