2012-05-05 43 -70

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Sat 5 May 2012 in 43,-70:
43.9300117, -70.7941584

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In a field, near 628 Bullring road, in Denmark.

Not to be confused with the country, Denmark.



Alecnotalex planned to leave around 2:30, and arrive near 3:30. Snacks were brought, to be consumed at the hash. A frisbee was also brought.


We ended up leaving at about 2:10. We drove for roughly an hour and twenty minutes and arrived at the hash at 3:30. The hash was in a field, on someone's property, who was coincidentally getting home right as we were arriving at the hash. This made us a little worried, but we went on anyway.

We parked the car down the road, nearly 100 meters away. After walking all the way down the road, I realized that I forgot our bag, which contained the camera, snacks, and a Frisbee. We went off the road, got to the hash, and ran off because we got to see the owner of the land, and he probably got to see us.

After getting back to the car, we ate some snacks, and I took some pictures out the window. I then found two ticks on me.

While this doesn't count as reaching the hash, I still had a good time on my first adventure.



  • No Trespassing??