2012-05-04 38 -95

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Fri 4 May 2012 in 38,-95:
38.6134706, -95.2861907

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In a large field of dirt near a baseball field, in Ottawa, KS



As usual, I began heading south down Iowa St./US 59. Near the hashpoint, there was a park with a baseball field and some batting cages. I got out of my car and walked along a small maintenance road along a hill overlooking the baseball field. The hashpoint was in a field on the opposite side of the hill, so I headed down towards it. The whole field was made of soft soil, and it looked like there may have been plants growing there at one point. The point wasn't too far out into the field, so I walked a little ways out, following my GPS. I snapped a few pictures of the area along with my proof and a Stupid Grin, and then headed out.



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