2012-05-03 60 22

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Thu 3 May 2012 in 60,22:
60.4324494, 22.3331714

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In Turku, near Lauste suburb



Hash was so easily accessed just about 3.5 kilometers from my home so I cycled there on the morning before going to work. Nothing special at the area, just some traffic, grass, sidewalk... I had to walk a while in the grass before my GPSr showed the exactly correct coordinates but soon they appeared and I got the desired photo. And then I continued to work. Nice and easy geohash this time.


This hashpoint was again quite close to my home so I decided to go for it and maybe do some geocaching at the same time. I left my car close to a football field and walked some 150 meters to the zeropoint. There were some innocent people passing by without knowing that there was something very special about that place! Indeed, my GPS showed the 0-point to be right in the middle of a cycleway! No bushwhacking whatsoever! What a joy! I took some pictures and left with a smile on my face! :)




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