2012-05-01 50 11

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Tue 1 May 2012 in 50,11:
50.5182653, 11.1773215

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On the federal road B281 in Lichte, Thuringian Forest.



While Juja, staying at Jena, was covering the nothern part of the 50/11 graticule, I felt responsible to care for the middle western part of it, since I spent some days at Manu's family in 50/10's east. Weather was great on this International Workers' Day so a nice bike trip was the only reasonable way to cover the day's hash, situated directly on a road in the beautiful Thuringian Forest. One way would have been 40 km, but I preferred to explore some more hilly roads and thus took a detour and made it to the hashpoint after 70 km. There wasn't much traffic on the road, but still too much to take an autotimer photo. From Lichte I rode back directly, up to and down from the Rennsteig over and over again until I reached "home" after 111 km and satisfying 2000 meters ascent.


Coordinates reached.  
Wouldn't that make a perfect pub achievement?  
Rollercoaster screenshot.