2012-04-29 50 8

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Sun 29 Apr 2012 in 50,8:
50.4091492, 8.2376230

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A field in between Aumenau and Seelbach.



Mampfred, LadyBB and EmmJay are in Giessen during the day and will go for the midnight double from there. QuarterCacher and M might join them coming from the other direction.

Next stop: 2012-04-30 50 8.


Mampfred, LadyBB and EmmJay[edit]

The plan was to meet around 11:15 at the first hash. EmmJay should be asleep by then and snoring happily in the car. Well, the first part worked quite well, the second part didn't. As soon as we partked the car, he was qide awake again and we carried him around for the rest of the night. So much for regular sleep patterns :)

Anyway, we parked behind a little barn-thingy out of sight of the residential house near the hash as there was still a light on and we didn't really want to scare anyone and get chased by police and/or farmers with all sorts of make-shift weapons.

The hash was easily reachable by going around a field of unknown crops and eventually stepping in it for less than five meters. To make it more fun it had rained a bit and we all got proper wet and muddy shoes. The usual fun :)

On to 2012-04-30 50 8 ...


Together with 2012-04-30 50 8, see here.



  • Land
  • Mampfred, LadyBB and EmmJay: Consecutive x 2