2012-04-29 -37 175

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Sun 29 Apr 2012 in -37,175:
-37.4091492, 175.2376230

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Roadside, Draper Rd, Lake Waikare, New Zealand



After arriving in Rotovegas for the weekend we checked the internet at the hotel before we journeyed home and saw a tempting hash basically on the route we were going to take back home to Auckland.


Fairly simple, with Greenslime driving and JimmyNZ being navigator (ie managing to read the GPS in the car without getting car sick on the windy roads) the location was reached pretty quickly. After turning down Draper Rd we passed a couple of houses and a farmer on his tractor. Since it was clear that no-one really came down this road unless they were seeing him we giving him the obligatory head nod/wave as we skirted around his rusty machine to appear less like we were lost and about to be taking photos of a dirt patch outside his house.

Once the hash was reached we snapped the proof and continues back up the road where Greenslime introduced JimmyNZ to some weird sport called geocaching (seriously whats that about?)