2012-04-28 -38 145

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Sat 28 Apr 2012 in -38,145:
-38.4519755, 145.2477861

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On an operating footy field in Cowes, Victoria.

Who went[edit]


Felix Dance[edit]

I was at work on a Saturday when I noticed this one. I'd already decided to drive all the way to Forrest, on the other side of town, so this detour would add only a few percentages to the total drive for the day (which ended up taking 6 hours). I'd, errr, borrowed a work ute from site for the job, to save money of the fuel, and zoomed off before anyone could stop me at about 11:30, skipping substantial portions of my working day.

When I arrived at what I thought was an innocent suburban park in Cowes, the largest town on the Island of Philip, I discovered, much to my horror, that there was an active footy match going on (that's Australian Rules Football, for those Americans/Europeans/Everyone Else who might mistake me on that one). The Under 18s Cowes Doggies were playing some other local town.

Trying to bluff my way into the game on the pretext of just needing to go to the toilet didn't get me anywhere, so I was forced to fork out an extortionistic $10 to the gate geriatric before wandering into the venue. Much to my relief, the geohash turned out NOT to be on the actual field, meaning that I didn't have to either wait the several hours for the game's conclusion NOR streak my way onto the field during the game to get to the point (presumably in the nud so people didn't think I was being dodgy). Standing next to the ground I took the requisite photos and got out of there, tipping my proverbial hat at the gateman to demonstrate the ill-use of my $10. I also had my t-shirt on inside-out, which certainly would have exacerbated the suspicious stares from the locals.

Very soon I was on my way out of there, backtracking over the bridge to the mainland and hence my mountain-biking camping weekend.

Here is the Google Maps route I took.

Hash reached: 12pm-ish



Felix Dance earned the Admit One Achievement
by paying AUD$10 to access the (-38, 145) geohash at Under 18s Footy Game - Cowes Football Oval on 2012-04-28.
Geohash 2012-04-28 -38 145 Felix Oval.JPG