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2012-04-26 51 23

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Thu 26 Apr 2012 in Chełm, Poland:
51.1085056, 23.4645207

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[edit] Expedition

Bought a bike yesterday, so was very happy to see the geohash is so close to my home. And ever happier today in the morning when the weather was just beautiful - sunny and a little windy - just perfect spring. I left Chełm using the newest bicycle path (coincidently leading me in the correct direction). Unfortunately after few kilometres, I lost bicycle pedal and had to walk back to the city to fix it. But it did not break my spirit, after quick work, bike was ready for action again. The rest was easy - bike there, make few photos, pretend I'm interested in the "for sale" sign, so I can get to the point, bike some more in the country. The area is perfect for that - fields, forests, I saw few nests with young storks in it. It was a good day and a great expedition. Let's hope for many more to come!

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