2012-04-26 48 11

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Thu 26 Apr 2012 in 48,11:
48.1085056, 11.4645207

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Within a group of trees a couple of hundred meters away from the rescue helicopter landing site of München's university hospital at the southern edge of the city.


Zertrin, DerFlob, The_T-Man


Meet there after everybody's done with their university stuff for the day

  • 26/04/2012: The hash is less than 4 km away from where I live today. I plan to go there after the university, but I have already a busy day there. So I probably won't be able to be there before 19h. If I go by bike to the uni it may be possible for me to go back to the hash somewhere around 14h30/15h and then go again to the uni, but I would prefer to avoid it (I have lessons before and after that time). If anyone is interested to meet on a specific hour, don't hesitate to mention it here, I follow this page anyway. — Zertrin 19:26, 25 April 2012 (EDT)
I also have courses until 18:30, planning to take the subway to Großhadern (because my ticket doesn't take me further than that) and walk the rest. ETA: around 19:20 or so. -The T-Man 04:15, 26 April 2012 (EDT)
Ok, I'll aim to be there around that time :) — Zertrin 04:28, 26 April 2012 (EDT)
I shall be there, too ;D -DerFlob 05:52, 26 April 2012 (EDT)
Great! I just set up 2012-04-26 48 11. But there are even more active geohashers around here. Come on, people, this is an easy one! -The T-Man 07:26, 26 April 2012 (EDT)



As planned, after I was done with the university stuff, I went back to my home to take my camera and printed an Active Geohasher poster and then headed to the hash at 19h10.

One uneventful 10-min-short ride by bike and I was near the coordinates at 19h20. As I entered the group of trees where the hash was to be, I noticed DerFlob walking in front of me in my direction. The_T-Man arrived one minute later.

We talked a little, took some photos (with The_T-Man's camera, as I discovered only there that mine had run out of battery power...), watched a helicopter landing and wondered about some brass band music we could hear in the air not so far away from where we were. I then fixed the Active Geohasher poster to the trunk of a tree which looked already dead and accompanied Der_Flob and The_T-Man to the underground train station before riding back to my home.

It was my second hash reached, and I was glad to meet other Geohashers for the first time.


As was (luckily) so often the case, this expedition was again accompanied by beautiful weather. After finishing my Neurology course in the city center, I took a subway train to Großhadern, one station short of Klinikum Großhadern, one of München's university hospitals at the southern edge of the city. I decided to walk the remaining 2 km or so so that my subway ticket would suffice for the trip. My path led me past the Chemistry and Pharmacology campuses of LMU, one of the two major universities in town, and then past the rescue helicopter landing site of the hospital. There, Christoph 1, one of the two rescue helicopters in München was poised to collect an ICU patient. During my paramedics training a couple of months earlier, a very unlikely chain of coincidences ended with me flying across town aboard it, so it was a rather sentimental moment seeing it again. From hereon, my route planning again showed a clear lack of sophistication and I walked the remaining 200 meters to the spot through a swamp, taking a short break to watch Christoph 1 take off.

Zertrin and DerFlob were easy to spot for this time our navigation devices had more or less agreed on the same spot. Like Zertrin wrote, at the hashpoint you could hear a brass orchestra playing the same short melody over and over again. It almost sounded like those traditional hunting tunes ("mort"?) which made us feel just a little bit threatened. We talked for a while, took pictures, left notes, watched Christoph München, München's other rescue and ICU transport helicopter land at its designated base of operations and strolled back to the subway station.