2012-04-23 48 11

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Mon 23 Apr 2012 in 48,11:
48.3673815, 11.4975338

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On a field way near some smaller bavarian villages.



At the university I realized how near the day's hashpoint is. So I took my bike and rode directly form university to the hash: beautiful landscape, beautiful weather. It didn't look that far away on google maps, and actually it wasn't. But what I couldn't see was the altitude differences: the bike trip was exhausting! But it turned out to be fun :)

Only a couple of kilometers from the university, and I was in a completely rural area, farm and fields everywhere. Not a single farm animal I haven't seen on this day...

The hashpoint itself was actually quite easy to reach. It seemed to be in a field, but was actually right on a small pathway. I would love to show a photographic proof, but taking a picture of my phone screen with GPS coordinates is quite impossible :/



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