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2012-04-21 -37 145

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Sat 21 Apr 2012 in -37,145:
-37.8800045, 145.1758045

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[edit] Location

On a residential street in Glen Waverly, Melbourne.

[edit] Who went

[edit] Expedition

[edit] Felix Dance

Checking today's hash on a Saturday at work, I found out how incredibly easy it would be - pretty much on my way home from Wonthaggi, PLUS right in the middle of a street - not even inside someone's house!

Sadly, as I left work, I realised I'd left my nobbly bike tyre at home which I needed for a mountain biking race the next day, so I had to drive back to Inverloch for that. Then I decided to take the scenic route to avoid boredom, so I went over the Strzleckis and up the Latrobe Valley.

Arriving at the hash I jumped out and took some photos on my phone (my normal camera is stuffed), before running off into a nearby park to take a much-needed piss (we guys can do these sorts of things). After this I was back in the car and on my way to tAlex' place to do a beer bottling, then off to Stevage's place to pick up him and his bike for this mountain biking thing the next day.

Here is the Google Maps route I took.

Hash reached: 3:40pm-ish

[edit] Photos