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Wed 18 Apr 2012 in 50,11:
50.9069279, 11.0601427

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On a road crossing not far from the Autobahn near Erfurt. On a little traffic island to be precise.



We have a team event after work and will go to the hash if it doesn't finish too late. Another colleague might join us.


The colleague chickened out, but we still went, starting in Erfurt aroung 9:45pm. Got there easily and then nearly failed due to "no batteries", although not in the sense of the achievement. The GPS receiver we had with us died when we turned it on. The android phone has a miserable reception so despite us standing right on the spot, it jumped by no less then 15 meters in every direction. Useless junk.

Anyway, we're resonably sure we got the hash, the photo shows the little traffic island where it should be.


See here.



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