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2012-04-17 40 -74

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Tue 17 Apr 2012 in 40,-74:
40.5734581, -74.3705949

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[edit] Location

Peru St., off Oak Tree Rd. in Edison (or Metuchen?)

[edit] Participants

Jevanyn might be free later in the evening

[edit] Plans

Jevanyn: I'll be out tonight going to the post office anyway, and this is not that far away. The map puts the point in the side yard of a house, but the sidewalk is within the margin of error.

[edit] Expedition

None. My plans included going to the post office after work to mail my state income tax forms. I know, I'm a knuckle-dragging Luddite for not filing the electronically, but the NJ webfile system requires you to identify yourself with the amount of tax you owed from the year before, and I didn't have that, so envelope and stamp, here I come.

ANYWAY, the post office I planned on going to is usually open until midnight on Tax Day, but not this year, so my wife had to pick up the forms midday and drop them off for me. That eliminated my excuse for going out, and I never made it to Edison.

[edit] Postscript

I ended up in the neighborhood on Saturday, visiting a school friend at the hospital on Oak Tree Road only a couple of blocks away. Completely by coincidence.