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Tue 17 Apr 2012 in 28,-81:
28.5734581, -81.3705949

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Well, on Google Maps it's on top of a parking garage near a hospital in downtown Orlando. Once we got on top of the garage it seemed to be 50 feet away and 6 stories down.



•Skeptical son

•Hashscot Pebbles


Dear patient wife (and darling daughter who has not yet been Dragged Along) had dinner without us, so I was able to cajole skeptical son into participating on the prospect of food. Looked like an easy grab with many dinner choices nearby.

Puppy Pebbles had not had her walk and was threatening unspecified destruction, so at the last moment she became our hashscot (I 'm sure she will accompany us on future adventures).


  • Kudos to JimL for the lightning fast edit... that oughta be an Achievement of its own! -- Scottmc 21:38, 17 April 2012 (EDT)
  • Drove to coordinates, found garage entrance, drove to top. Found discrepancy in navigation aids (see above) . Took pics at apparent location.
  • Rode elevator to ground (first elevator for Pebbles... did NOT enjoy) . Walked back to coordinates on other side of garage. Became sorry I had not brought baggie for dog poo. Took pics at alternate location.
  • Took stairs back to roof (first long stairs... might prefer elevator) .
  • Paid for parking (hey, that's a ribbon too!). Began to look for pet friendly dinner spot. Realized this would be unfair since puppy had not had dinner either. Resorted to drivethru. Puppy enjoyed fries and open windows all the way home.
  • Notes to self : Next time feed dog, bring baggies.



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