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In the middle of a field near Gröben.

Expedition: Juja[edit]

I had been on holiday for one week and, as usual for my holidays, completely ignored the internet in the whole time. But when I finally came back home Reinhard promptly sent me a message: "You haven't been Geohashing for a while. You're going to Gröben today, right?" - "Wait, what? What's geohashing again? Where's Gröben anyway? Man, that's in the middle of the field, so you won't reach the point at this time of the year anyway!" - "Well, someone needs to go and find it out, and I can't." So obviously I had to go...

To be fair, the point was practically on my way to the pool (16 kms detour), so I cycled there before training in dusk and cold (every time I come back from holidays I freeze like mad in Germany) through what I have to admit was a lovely evening. As I had expected the Geohash point was in the middle of a field with young wheat on it and no tractor tracks I could have used to walk - the nearest way passed it by 160m and on top of the hill there were no ways either (I had hoped there would be some useable tracks leading to the deerstand on the field). So I just gave up and cycled back to training where I arrived right on time.

Distraction counter[edit]

  • Beautiful deers: 8 (I mean, eight!!)
  • Cute rabbits: 5

Welcome back home.


At the nearest distance to the point.  
There it is, far far away in the wheat.